Environmental policy / ISO

Our core environmental values are the following:

  • Deter pollution by reasonable purchasing and choosing environmental suppliers.
  • Cut down the usage of our resources across the whole company
  • Cut down on on waste and carbon emissions during operations
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our work on the communities that we serve


We minimise the environmental impact of all our contracts by the following:

  • 100% local labour – thereby minimising travel to and from site and reducing corresponding vehicle emissions.
  • 100% of all waste diverted from landfill – achieved through daily removal from site by 24 B.M and transportation to recycling centers within the catchment or back at Headquarters.
  • Safe disposal of CFC’s, fluorescent tubes, plasterboard and other hazardous materials.
  • Construction logistics plan for each of the call off contracts to cover transportation, safe and legal loading facilities, site constraints and parking queries, location of schools, hospitals and care and residential homes adjacent to the site area, noise restrictions, removal and disposal of waste, vehicle size and weight considerations, staff training and daily communication with residents.
  • Local sourcing of materials and use of local suppliers where possible.
  • Range of environmental impact minimisation measures such as efficient systems of work, minimisation of energy use in site offices, recycling of printer cartridges, safe disposal of inhibitor.
  • Detailed waste management plans drafted and agreed with clients for every project.
  • Training of staff in environmental and sustainability matters, both at work and at home.
  • Materials deliveries are programmed to coincide with work start dates. Routes follow work timetables so that one delivery per day can provide materials for a number of properties if possible.

We have also introduced new initiatives to further minimise our environmental impact on the communities we serve and live in:

  • 24 BM has installed Solar panels to the roof of our building.
  • Implemented a bespoke Computerized Dynamic Scheduling System to reduce traveling distances for engineers and improve logistics. This has reduced vehicle emissions by18% in 24 months.
  • Developed tracker reports to identify idling time and enable us to minimise exhaust emissions from our fleet of vehicles.
  • Introduced a new policy of diverting 100% of our waste from landfill to recycling centers.
  • Introduced a “greener driving” training scheme to our operatives.
  • Distributed an environmental awareness pack to all members of 24 BM.
  • Introduced energy efficiency advice for all residents at the time of the annual service.

Environmental Policy Maintenance

Environmental Policy Maintenance